Allen&Heath Xone 92 Rotary

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Informacije o proizvodu

The Xone 92 represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned from the DJ market. It’s the result of something we’ve done since Day One - listening to DJ’s.

The result is a versatile mixer that promises to fulfill every wish list, with features to suit all styles from breakbeat to techno, trance to house:

  • 6 stereo channels (4 phono or line, 2 mono/mic or stereo return)
  • 2 auxiliary sends selectable pre/post fader (and crossfader)
  • MIDI output from VCF 1+2, crossfader, LFO (MIDI clock), dedicated data control and start/stop button
  • New twin-rail VCA channel faders or high quality VCA rotary faders
  • 2 independent stereo mix outputs
  • 2 VCF filters - any performance channel can be assigned to either filter and either side of crossfader
  • 2 x independent Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) for filter modulation
  • Active crossfader allowing contour to be set from smooth to scratch mix
  • Custom illumination showing status of all performance switches
  • 4 band EQ - high definition of frequency bands, with ‘infinite kill’ on HF and LF; wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost.
  • Dedicated booth output
  • Metering - extensive channel, output and cue metering
  • Intelligent cue system allowing pre or post EQ monitoring
  • Monitor section - includes post EQ switch; split cue and mix to cue balance
  • 2 x headphone outputs ¼” and 3.5mm jack
  • Talkover facility on mono/mic channel attenuates music by 20dB
  • Dedicated clean feed record output
  • Universal power supply for worldwide performance
  • Internal installer options for system optimisation
  • Plinth or 19” rack mount ears included
  • Spare knobs included
  • and of course, the legendary A&H sound and build quality


    Technical Specifications:

    Connection Types:

  • XLR male and female connectors : Pin 2 = hot (+) Pin 3 = cold (-) Pin 1 = GND
  • TRS input and output connectors : Tip = hot (+) Ring = cold (-) Sleeve = GND
  • RCA PHONO pin connectors

  • CH1,2 (Mic) Balanced XLR female 2k ohm -45 to -15dBu (gain - infinity to +15 dBu)
  • (Stereo Line) Unbalanced TRS jack >10k ohm -10 to +10dBu (internal pad -20 to 0 dBu)
  • CH3,4,5,6 (Phono) RCA phono RIAA 47kohm/330pF 2 to 100mV (Stereo Line) RCA Phono >10k ohm -10 to +10dBu

    Output Connections:
  • Type Impedance Level
  • Mix Out 1 L,R (XLR) Balanced XLR male <68 ohm 0dBu
  • Mix Out 2 L,R (jack) Impedance balanced TRS jack -2dBu (Mix Levels = unity gain at max)
  • Record Out RCA Phono <600 ohm -10dBV
  • Aux Out L,R 1&2 Impedance balanced TRS jack <75 ohm -2dBu
  • Booth Out Impedance balanced TRS jack <75 ohm +10dBu
  • Headphones (3.5mm and ¼”) Tip=L, Ring=R, 30 to 600 ohm recommended
  • Internal options include RIAA bypass, input pad, clean feed disable, filter disable, maximum resonance limit.

  • Product Code: AUD1821