DBX 120A Subharmonic synth procesor za niske frekvencije

2939.00kn 2057.30kn

Informacije o proizvodu

The dbx 120A Subharmonic Synth delivers the throbbing low-end bass you want. It produces new, Waveform Modeled bass notes an octave below the bass in the original audio — smooth, musical, and floor-shaking even when output at system levels well below system and hearing damage thresholds. Provides 1/4" and RCA input connectors along with balanced 1/4" main outputs which can be full range (including synthesis) or HF only, plus a separate subwoofer output with level control.

dbx 120A Subharmonic Synth Features:

    * Individual control for two ranges of subharmonic frequencies
    * Separate low-frequency boost circuit
    * Separate subwoofer output
    * 1/4" balanced inputs and outputs
    * RCA input connectors
    * Front-panel LEDs show crossover status and synthesis activity
    * Patented circuitry ensures that mid and high frequencies are not affected
    * Built-in crossover with choice of 80Hz or 120Hz crossover point
    * Enhance bass audio material for use in such applications as nightclub and dance mixing, theater and film sound, music recording, live music performance, and broadcasting


Product Code: DBXXArray