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Pro-quality headphones from Sennheiser!
Nothing gets you right up close to your sound like a good pair of headphone monitors. In a live setting, they let you monitor your music without distraction. In the studio, headphones offer the isolation necessary for pristine recorded tracks. Regardless of your intended use, Sennhieiser's HD280 Pro headphones have the features and performance you need to produce professional-quality audio.

Wide response for accurate results
Mixing live music can be a challenge. As a sound engineer, you rarely get to sit in the "sweet spot," so you can't always trust your ears to tell you what the audience is hearing. If the sound booth is up against the back wall or tucked in a corner, room reflections and standing bass frequencies can color the sound you receive. Headphone monitors let you check your mix right at the board. If everything sounds good there, and you have faith in your front-of-house mains, then the crowd should have no complaints. Of course, the headphones need to be accurate for effective results. HD280 Pro's have an ultra-wide frequency response from 8Hz all the way up to 25kHz. Check the bass guitar track, group-mix the vocals, or listen to the cymbal-shimmer through overhead drum mics. All of these frequencies are reproduced with crystal clarity, so you know the band sounds its best before heading out to the speakers. You can now adjust level- and EQ-settings with confidence.

Ambient noise reduction perfect for DJ's
DJ's also rely on headphones to cue tracks before sending them to the main mix. When the bass is thumping and the dance-floor is packed, it can be difficult to hear yourself think, let alone hear the cue mix in your headphones. The HD280 Pro's closed-back design filters out ambient noise, letting you focus on the monitor source. These headphones cut external sound by up to 32dB, effectively eliminating distractions and cueing up the next record with extra precision. Your cross-fades will be right on the beat, for tight, seamless transitions. DJ's will also appreciate the single-cable design for one-ear monitoring. Keep track of what's going on in the room and what's coming up next, all at the same time.

Superior Isolation for recording
HD280 Pro headphones are just as helpful in the studio as they are on stage. Multitrack recording works best when each sound source exists on its own track. Isolate everything, and you've got much more control when it's time to mix. Of course, the musicians need to hear what their bandmates are playing to be able to lock-in to the groove. You don't want this sound bleeding into their tracks, though. With a headphone amp and enough HD280 Pro's for everyone, you're sure to get pristine results. The thick, padded ear-cups keep the monitor mix inside while providing comfort for extended tracking sessions. The whole band hears just what they need to deliver their best performance. Weighing-in at only 220 grams, HD280 Pro's let you record all day without fatigue.

Great for home studios
When it's time to mix, you can count on HD280 Pro headphone monitors to provide an accurate reference. Their extended frequency range and superior isolation make it easy to focus on any aspect of your mix. You'll have all the detailed dynamics you need to nestle the backing harmonies up under the lead vocal melody. Solo the drums and bass guitar to drop them deep inside the pocket. Go back and forth between your headphones and your nearfield reference monitors to double-check your work. Your mixes can only benefit from the additional perspective. Home-studio engineers like to use their HD280 Pro's for late-night mixing sessions. It's easy to get sidetracked during the hassles of the day, interrupting your creative flow. Strap-on your HD280 Pro's while everyone is asleep and you'll be surprised at how much you get accomplished.

Convenient storage and long life
In small home- and project-studios, space is always a concern. Sennheiser's innovative design allows these headphone monitors to fold up for convenient storage, keeping your studio organized and functional. Rough treatment can damage any set of headphones, but virtually every component on the HD280 Pro can be easily replaced. Whether it is the adjustable headband, the collapsible earpieces, or the coiled cable, you can fix what's broken for years of quality performance.

Winner of the CES 2002 Innovations Award, the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones are engineered to deliver exceptional isolation coupled with innovative, fold-up design for compact portability. The HD 280 Pro is poised to become the audio enthusiast's first choice for critical listening.

Designed to deliver exceptional isolation from ambient noise with precise and linear sound reproduction at high SPLs, the HD 280 Pro combines high fidelity with practical design and maximum comfort. The HD 280s form-fitting, ergonomically designed circumaural earpieces remain comfortable for long periods of listening and can be rotated for flat mobility and space-saving transport. Single-sided coiled cable gives users maximum flexibility. Easy replacement of all wearing parts insures long-life and functionality.

"The HD 280 Pro is designed to raise the bar in terms of fidelity, portability and ease of use," noted Rob Douglas, product manager, headphone and medi@coustics lines, SEC. "The HD 280 Pro embodies all the features expected by professionals and valued by discriminating consumers."

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